Choosing Wood Lathes for Sale: A Buyer’s Guide

Buy wood lathes sale

There are many sites online where you can purchase wood lathes for sale. A wood lathe is a woodworking tool that shapes wood to a desired pattern using a vice-like tool to grip raw wood and a continuous running motor to shape the wood. It may not be always needed in a woodworking project but it is handy to have around especially when you are making creative accents for a piece of furniture or any miniature wooden project. If you are considering wood lathe for sale as an excellent addition to your woodworking supplies and tools then you have come to the right page. is where you can get first hand information on how to purchase the ideal lathe for your home woodworking shop or woodworking industry. With, you can be sure experts are here to help you every step of the way in buying wood lathes for sale.

What are the types of wood lathes for sale?

In choosing wood lathes for sale, consider the right one for your needs. There are many types of wood lathes and each one is appropriate on the degree of skill that a woodworker has. Generally speaking, a simple wood lathe with variable speed may be applicable for a beginner while complex wood lathes are for professional woodworkers. Here are types of lathes, check out what is appropriate for you:

  •  Mini wood lathes- this type of wood lathe is made for the miniature modelers and hand crafters. There are various models of mini lathes and each one may have a 100 V brush type motor and a 12” between centers. Most mini lathes have a built-in tool rest, a rolling center and spur center to hold the wood in place. Mini wooden lathes have a 5-16/16” swing over bed just enough for miniature projects and small woodworking furniture projects as well. Mini wooden lathes come in variable speed types.

  • Mid size wooden lathe – this lathe is small to fit on your work table but big enough to handle heavy woodworking jobs. A mid size wood working lathe has a 1/3 high powered motor with variable speeds from 0-3025 RPM  It is 20” between centers with a 6-1/4” swing over bed. This may be enough for an expert woodworking craftsman but if bigger and more intricate designs are needed with maximum power, a bigger lathe must be used.
  • Medium duty wooden lathes – this woodworker’s dream can make table legs and large stair posts easily with its 40” between center sizes. Has a ½ horse power 110 V power motor. Medium duty lathes of this size mostly come with its own adjustable tool rest and stand.
  • Heavy duty wooden lathes – this is the biggest wooden lathe model that you can ever find. A lot of room for huge woodworking projects is at hand with its 40” between centers size. Lathes of this size have a 1720 RPM 110 V motor with variable speeds. This type of wood lathes for sale is used in an industrial setting where precision and efficiency is a must.

What to look for in buying wood lathe for sale?

If this is your first time to purchase wood lathes for sale, here are great tips to make sure you take home the right lathe for your woodworking projects:

  1. What wooden projects interest you most? If you love working with miniature models or simple spindle work then a mini wooden lathe may just be right for you. Bigger projects and intricate woodworking designs call for a lathe with a larger swing and a longer bed.
  2. Invest in a heavy duty motor type lathe rather than a one speed type. Variable motor wooden lathes are handy when you need to cut wood in several parts; a slower speed is used initially to shape wood to the appropriate size while a faster speed is to refine the project to perfection.

  3. A wooden lathe with a stand is definitely better with more room for you to move maneuver about. A mini lathe may not come with its own stand and thus must be bolted onto a table or stool. Make sure to secure your lathe before beginning any project.

  4. Protective gear to wear like goggles, ear pieces, gloves and apron are a must for any type of wooden lathe.
  5. All original tools and parts must be ordered and not just generic accessories for your lathe. Original tools are important to ensure the high quality work of your wooden lathe.

Brand new wooden lathe for sale or second hand?

There are second hand wood lathes for sale and there are brand new ones, so which one should you buy? It is definitely great idea to purchase a new lathe for your shop if your budget can handle it. If budget is not an issue then a mini wood lathe may cost from $150.00 to $200.00 depending on the brand while mid size ones may cost from $300.00 to $500. 00. Heavy duty lathes with their own stand and high powered motor can cost $400.00 to $600.00 depending on the lathe brand. A new wooden lathe has customer and manufacturer’s warranty as well. A brand new one is generally a better option to get the most out of a wooden lathe for your woodworking projects. New tools can perform better, can outlast second hand or bargain tools and most of all have a working warranty.

A second hand wood lathe for sale may cost just a fraction of the cost of a new one. You can find all these lathes too on our site, apart from the trusted brand-new ones. Second hand wooden lathes are also on sale together with power tools at garage sales, bargain outlets and even in clearance sales. If you would like to consider this option, ask owner for any warranty left on the tool. Ask for any repairs done or any parts replaced before purchase. It is a good idea to give it a spin to check for any problems and of course try using variable speeds if applicable. Second hand wood lathes for sale may be best for their low price but their quality may be questionable and may even cause accidents in the long run. is the ideal site for everything there is to know about wood lathes for sale. With more knowledge about lathes and how to purchase one, you will surely find the ideal type of wood lathe for sale in no time at all.

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