How to Use a Wood Lathe – Different Ways of Using a Wood Lathe 

How to Use a Wood Lathe – Is it an Art or a Science? 

Like most other craft, wood turning is an art. There is now exact science on how to use a wood lathe, as it really depends on each user how he will do this. Designs, styles and methods on how to use a wood lathe varies from person to person, however, there are standard safety procedures that needs to be followed, well, to ensure safety of any users.  

How to Use a Wood Lathe – The Basics 

Skills can be acquired through practice and frequent doing, however beginning to learn how to use a wood lathe has basic principles that anyone who’s thinking of starting with this craft should know.  

Choose correct tools. Learning how to use a wood lathe should not stop when you learn how to put the wood at the center. It only begins there. The next thing to think of is the proper tools. Select tools that will fit the wood that you are going to use and something that will fit the design that you have in mind. For example, you just want to smooth it out, then know that sandpapers are needed. If you want a small detail, a pointed blade should be used.

Choosing correct tools also means that you prepare them for use. Sharpen these tools. Doing so will make your job easier and it will cut through  the wood smoothly. Investing on an electric grinder maybe a good idea to ensure.

Use the proper techniques. How to use a wood lathe? What is the proper stance while holding a blade? How to control the cut? These are just some of the things you need to learn, which will also be discussed here. 

How to Use a Wood Lathe – The Proper Stance 

It is important to note that having the correct stance is needed because of the fact that the craftsman will be standing on the lathe for a long time. So the best stance is to balance your feet with legs and trunk and your body should not be bending too much. It is vital that you know that it is not only the hands that will move while doing it, the body will also move! 

How to Use a Wood Lathe- Gripping and Controlling

Remember that to learn how to use a wood lathe, you must know how to grip the tool properly. It is important that you are comfortable while holding on to the blade, your hands should not be too stiff or too loose. Meanwhile, controlling the cut will depend on what shape or form would you like your wood to have.

Safety in Using a Wood Lathe 

More than the importance of design and style that you could produce, following certain procedures will keep you away from harm. Gripping the blade too stiff may cause the wood to loosen from the center of the lathe. A loose grip may cause the blade to drop on your foot or leg, and of course you wouldn’t want that to happen right? Having a right stance will keep you from getting backaches and wearing gears will make sure that you won’t get splints in case some small piece of wood chip.

Therefore, it is necessary, if you want to learn how to use a wood lathe, to master safety techniques first, practice it and continuously use them. The methods on cutting can be acquired easily after that, and that’s how to use a wood lathe.

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