Wood Lathe Accessories- What These Wood Lathe Accessories are for and Choosing and Taking Care of Them

Just like any other machines, a wood lathe has wood lathe accessories. Without these accessories, the craftsman will not be able to make anything out of the wood. Knowing what these accessories are, how to take care of them and how to use them is essential, and if that’s your goal, you are in the right page.

What are the Different Wood Lathe Accessories and Tools?

Wood lathe accessories determine how your wood will be shaped. It may make or break your design thus, it is very important that you get accessories that will not only serve its purpose but also will perform best. To find out what are the different wood lathe accessories means you also have to learn their uses. Here are their classification:

Roughing tools. These tools contributes to the total appearance of the wood, however, they are not used as finishing tools.

Facing tools. The most frequently used of all the wood lathe accessories. These are the tools that makes a clearance or open center, which is the start of the turning process.

Finishing tools. Wood lathe accessories that are used if you’re already on the finishing stage of turning. They are rake-free, meaning you wouldn’t be able to cut wood using them.

Other wood lathe accessories are the “special” left-handed tools. Meaning those who have southpaw can still turn wood with ease and comfort.

Caring for Your Wood Lathe Accessories

Your wood lathe accessories and tools will surely dull and wear. Imagine using them every time to turn wood, at high velocity at that! Thus, it is imperative that you take care of them and make sure that they don’t rust, or else, it might cause bad design and even harm to anyone who’s going to use them.

To prolong the life of your tool,  the best thing to do is to prevent it from wearing out. And what’s the best way to do that? By cleaning them every after use. Chisels, bowl gouge and other wood lathe accessories should be wiped once you’re finished using them. Doing this, will go along way in making sure that your accessories and tools will last longer.

However, even with wiping and cleaning regularly, since they are mostly made of steel, these wood lathe accessories will dull. Every time this happens and you don’t do anything, then you are causing even more damage not only to the accessories but also to the wood. A tool grinder is a good investment, in this case. To learn how to be precise in sharpening the tools, watch how a pro do it. You can do so, either by watching a video or by asking someone to teach you.

Care Not Only for the Wood Lathe Accessories but for the Machine Too!

The accessories are not the only thing that needs maintenance, even the wood lathe itself and its parts needs some tender loving care. Oil the parts that needs oiling and make sure that everything works well before using it.

Like most machines, your wood lathe as well as wood lathe accessories needs to be checked regularly for malfunction, this is for your safety, as well as for the project to come out beautiful.

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