Wood Turning Lathe – What is a Wood Turning Lathe and What Are Its Uses

Defining Wood Turning Lathe 

Before we know how to use this, let’s have learn the basic of a wood turning lathe. First, know that a wood turning lathe is a machine that is used to shape and smooth out wood. It is commonly used by crafters to make and complete wood projects.

Parts of a Wood Turning Lathe 

Like any other machine, a wood turning lathe has parts which needs to function properly in order to create a masterpiece.

The first part, where the craftsman put the wood, is called the center. This grips the wood and make sure that it is in place while the craftsman or a stable part or the wood turning lathe hold the blade that will then create the shape out of the wood. The center is the one that spins the wood fast while the user applied the blade.

The next part is the blade. This is the one that determines how the wood will be shaped or cut, thus it is available in different shapes, angles and measurements. Some are pointed for detailing using the wood turning lathe while some are wide in order to create a larger design.

Things You Need to Prepare Before Using a Wood Turning Lathe 

There are lots of tutorials on how to use a wood turning lathe, however, most of them does not really say what things you need to think of first.

Before you get started on a woodworking project, of course, you have to think of getting good wood. Check the quality of the wood, make sure that it won’t chip much as it will be dangerous to turn if it does. Check if it’s the right size as well, it is generally better to get a wood that’s longer than you require, to give room for the shavings or the portions that will be lost while it on the wood turning lathe. Others also check for the color of the wood, as it has to be even colored, especially if you are just going to put varnish on it.

Think of Your Safety Before Using a Wood Turning Lathe 

One reason for choosing a good wood is for safety. Low-quality wood maybe cheap but it will be dangerous if it chips and goes into your eyes or if it hits a sensitive part of your body. Safety does not end with buying a good piece of wood, how you secure the wood and other tools of the wood turning lathe is also essential. Make sure that the wood fits snugly in place. Do not touch a turning wood with your hand. Use some protective gear and never remove a piece of wood until the wood turning lathe is turned off.

Using wood Turning Lathe to Turn a Piece of Wood into a Masterpiece 

Whether you’re using a wood turning lathe to shape chair’s legs, a cane or a bowl, make sure that you will do your research diligently. It is essential, not only to know the safety procedures but to also the proper procedures of using a wood turning lathe, so that your project will be cost-effective. Aside from that, ensure that you will enjoy using a wood turning lathe , who knows you may find it real exciting and it can be a business that could make you some money.

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